Here is a sneak preview of new designs available in September, and these can be also seen at Nature: Art + Design Gallery in Auckland from August 31st! I will be attending the opening on the 31st, and am really looking forward to it

New Designs include: Butterfly’s Ball Collar Pendant, Kiwi Cookie and Pavlova rings, Gingerbread Man Heart Pendant, and finally a uniquely Kiwi addition to the ‘Sad Food’ Collection: Ghost Chips Pendant with Glow in the dark beads!

The ‘Butterflys Ball’ pendant is part of a new hand-painted collection which will be called ‘My Tiny World’. This new collection will re-create natural habitats in miniature, and is partly inspired by Disney’s multi-plane camera, and the Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. More information coming soon!

International Squibble & Co. fans may be curious about the ‘Ghost Chips’ pendant. This new character is inspired by an anti-drink driving advertisement, that used humour rather than shock tactics to dissuade teenagers from driving drunk. The advertisement itself has become something of a cult classic. Several phrases are now embedded in Kiwi popular culture, such as ‘Ghost Chips’ and ‘I’ve been internalising a really complicated situation in my head…’


Sad Food: Ghost Chips!

Sad Food: Ghost Chips!