Hello there!

It’s been a little while since my last update and it might seem a bit quiet around here, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

First of all, I have been busy making improvements to the look and functionality of the shop. These improvements are ongoing so I will be posting updates on this soon. I will also be updating the FAQs page which has been a bit neglected since the last update.

If you are following along on Facebook, you will have seen my recent post about new printed products with Squibble Designs – silk scarves and leggings. I think very hard about where to source materials and products and also about Squibble Design’s carbon footprint. Occasionally I get requests from overseas buyers who would like to purchase items, and the cost of sending even small jewellery items internationally can be very expensive. The new Squibble Design shop at Art of Where will allow for cheaper shipping of some Squibble-themed products for international buyers, as it is based in Canada. I am also happy to say that each item is also hand-made on-site and thoroughly checked before it is shipped to you. For anyone in New Zealand who is interested in these new items, Art of Where does ship internationally. Please keep an eye on the shop news though, as from time to time I may do a wholesale order of some items that I can sell locally.

I also have a new chocolate fish themed design available!

Chocolate Fish Leggings by Squibble Design 1

Chocolate Fish Scarfby Squibble Design

Kiwi Sweet Hearts Leggings by Squibble Design 1

Kiwi Sweet Hearts Scarf by Squibble Design

Jet Plane Leggings by Squibble Design 2

Jet Plane Scarf by Squibble Design

This weekend I have plans to make new one-of-a-kind clay jewellery items, so please do stop in at the Facebook page for photo updates, or follow along on Twitter! Thank you and hello to new followers also, it’s great to have your support!