New silver rings and pendants are on their way! I have been working on some prototypes, rings and pendants. I have been taking the design process a little slower this year as I want to make some more complicated pieces!

There was a slight hold-up as I took a a break from the prototypes to create a pair of very special custom rings, but here are some photos of progress so far!

Silver Rings: Very First Prototype

These rings were my very first attempt, and also my first time stone-setting! I was very pleased with them, but they were definitely a bit rough.

Silver Ring Prototypes January 2016 - Squibble Design

Firing the Rings:



Based on these first designs, I was commissioned to create some rings. The commissioned rings turned out very nicely as I had learned a lot from my first effort!

Custom Silver Rings by Squibble Design

Pendant: First Prototype

This is a prototype design that I made for myself – it is a sharpened pencil shaving pendant.

Sharpened Pencil Pendant by Squibble Design

I am planning on offering a simpler version of this design in the shop, perhaps a little thicker and with customisable ‘paint’ colours. Each of these would be made to order.