Red Jelly Plane Brooch by Squibble Design closeup
Red Jelly Plane Brooch by Squibble Design closeupPurple Jelly Plane Brooch closeupGreen Jelly Plane Brooch closeupOrange Jelly Plane brooch by Squibble DesignYellow Jelly Plane by Squibble Design

Resin Jet Plane Brooches by Squibble Design – Jelly Planes!



Product Description

These resin jet plane brooches have been hand-cast by me in clear resin from an original sculpted design, and the design is my take on the classic Kiwi jet plane lolly.

Each piece is firmly glued to an antique bronze coloured brooch-back.


Width: 3.5cm

height: 4.5cm

Additional Information


Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple