Jet Plane Bookmark/Memo Keeper


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Rasberry, Pineapple, Lime, Orange, and Blackberry!

A bright cheerful bookmark that can also serve as a holder for all those little bits of paper with your important notes!

The jet plane is made out of Dukit polymer clay, which is made right here in New Zealand! The clay has been molded and then carefully sculpted on to the 100mm Jumbo clip. Each piece is finished by hand and every one is just a little bit different!

As the colours are mixed by hand, there may be a slight difference in colour between each batch of Jet Plane bookmarks.

Please note, because of the time it takes to individually create each piece, only one of each colour is in stock. Backorders are allowed!

Please allow a turn-around time three to four days for your Jet Plane bookmark to be created just for you.

Dimensions of Jet Plane:

Width: 3.5cm
height: 4.5cm

Additional information

Jet Plane Bookmark Colours

Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange