New! Hand-crafted Fine Silver Gummy Bear Brooch by Squibble Design.


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This little fine silver gummy bear brooch is lovingly crafted by Squibble Design, using fine silver clay which is then fired and finished by hand. The silver-plated brooch back is soldered onto the back of the gummy bear with silver solder so you can be sure it will never come loose!

Each piece is made one at a time and no two silver gummy bears will ever be the same.The back of each silver piece is stamped with an ‘S’ for Squibble Design.

Silver clay is environmentally friendly as it is made by recycling precious metals such as photographic liquid waste.

Dimensions of gummy bear:

Height: 1.6cm

Width (at widest point): 0.9cm

Caring for your Silver Gummy Bear: an occasional careful polish with a very soft cloth will keep your silver bear shiny and bright!

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